• Tencent AIMIS

    Tencent Artificial Intelligent Medical Innovation System(Tencent AIMIS)is the very first Tencent product featuring AI application in the medical field. It showcases the capabilities of many top-notch Tencent AI research teams including AI Lab, Youtu Lab, and Architecture Platform, integrating interdisciplinary R&D of leading AI technologies such as image identification, big data processing and deep learning in medical science.

  • Tencent YouTu Lab

    Tencent YouTu Lab is Tencent’s top machine learning R&D team. The lab mainly focuses on machine learning, pattern recognition and cognitive technology. In the background of the rise of AI industry, it rapidly becomes the industry leader.

  • Tencent AI Lab

    Established in Shenzhen in 2016, Tencent AI Lab is a leading AI research and engineering lab of Tencent. With a vision of "Make AI Everywhere", Tencent AI Lab focuses on both fundamental research and practical application of artificial intelligence.

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