Guangzhou is a coastal city in subtropics, so it is warm, rainy, hot and sunny. In addition, the long summer and short frost season are its characteristics. The average temperature in a whole year in Guangzhou is 20-22 degree centigrade, and the temperature is comfortable in October. Guangzhou has the same period of rain and heat, which is suitable for the growth of plants. As a result, Guangzhou is an evergreen city and is called The Flower City.


Beijing Road is a famous business street and its center is Guangzhou Grandbuy and Xindaxin Company. It connects Beijing road, Zungsaan 4 Road and Zhongshan 5th Road, and there are hundreds of stores selling clothings, household appliances, arts, local specialties, books, stationeries, musical instruments, shoes and caps, clocks and glasses, photographic equipments, medical and furniture. Additionally, there are also some famous and traditional stores with long history, like Jammy Chai for condiment and Sanduoxuan for the the scholar's four jewels (writing brush, ink stick, ink slab and paper).

Tianhe Commerce Zone is located in the CBD of Guangzhou and it is one of the national-level CBD. It is a multi-functional modern center including shopping mall, sightseeing, food, entertainment and leisure service to satisfy all types of consumption needs. A shopping center called TaiKoo Hui occupies a dominant position among high-end emporiums in Guangzhou and brings together more than 180 international brands and restaurants from all over the world. It is a new urban highlight integrated with recreation, business and culture.

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Canton Tower, rating AAAA, becomes a new landmark of Guangzhou. It is located in Haizhu district and it is 125 meters away from Pearl River. It faces directly Haixinsha Island where the opening and closing ceremonies of the Sixteenth Asian Games were held and Zhujiang New Town, the 21st century new CBD of Guangzhou.

Canton Tower is 600 meters high, with 454 meters of its main body and 146 meters of its antenna, which makes it the highest tower in China and the second highest in the world, following Tokyo Sky Tree East Tower.

Location: Yuejiang Road West / Yiyuan Road, Haizhu District, Guangzhou, China


Pearl River Day and Night Cruise is organized by Guangzhou Liner Company. With decades of development, it has become a famous and large-scale tour that was full of southland features. It is also a popular tourism brand in modern city because of its perfect facility and outstanding service.

Location: 200 Yanjiang Road East, Guangzhou, China


Baie-tan Bar Street is located in Liwan district and it is 1600 meters long in total. The bar street is near the traditional commerce zone like Luju Road, Mingxin Road, Fangcun Avenue and Huadi Avenue, facing Shameen and White Swan Hotel.

Chime-long Tourist Resort is located in Panyu district and it is a comprehensive tourist resort offering traveling and leisure services, which makes it become the only scenic area rating AAAAA in Guangzhou. It has 9 subsidiaries, including Chimelong Paradise, Chimelong International Circus, Chimelong Waterpark, Xiangjiang Safari Park, Chimelong Birds Park, Chimelong Hotel, Chimelong Xiangjiang Hotel, Chimelong Golf Range, Panyu Xiangjiang Hotel, and so on.


Macau Street Restaurant combines Portuguese, Southeast Asian and Chinese food and insists that food is borderless. It makes full use of different flavors and creates more than 200 kinds of food, which increases its reputation in Guangzhou. One of its branches is on the left hand side of the lobby in No. 1 building of Dong Fang Hotel.

To To Kui was established in the 6th year of Guangxu (1880) and it already had 138 years of history. Its golden signboard was written by Youwei Kang, a famous scholar at the end of the qing dynasty. The branch in Jiefang North Road is only 1 kilometers away from Dong Fang Hotel and it takes 10 minutes to walk there.

Telephone: 020-83643379, 83643043

Guangzhou Restaurant, located in Changnan Road, was established in 1939 and was famous for its Cantonese food. As a representative of traditional Cantonese food, Guangzhou Restaurant receives a praise of “exclusive food in Guangzhou”.

Lin Heung Tea House was set up in the 15th year of Guangxu (1889), and its signboard is written by Ruyue Chen, a bachelor academy at the end of the Qing dynasty. Its original lotus seed paste is delicious and becomes famous around the world, so Lin Heung Tea House is called “lotus seed paste the first”.

Location: 37 Dishipu Road, Guangzhou

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